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Manufacturer's offer of cold bitumens

We produce cold bitumens which make repairs to the surface fast and effective. The use of cold bitumen for maintenance and regeneration of road and pavement surfaces is the best way to repair damaged asphalt quickly and cost-effectively.

What are the advantages of using cold bitumen?

One of the biggest advantages of cold bitumen is that it can be used at any time of the year, even when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. Just buy asphalt in bags, which we offer in practical and easy-to-transport packages of 25 kg. Another advantage of cold bitumen is that it does not need to be heated in specialised vehicles. It is sufficient to spread cold bitumen over the surface and compact well. The advantage of this product is also its high resistance to ageing and excellent adhesion to the substrate. The area repaired with cold bitumen is suitable for use immediately after the repair work has been completed. This reduces repair time, which is especially important for busy routes.

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What is the application of cold bitumen?

Cold bitumen is a finished product for the repair of the surface and filling of holes and bumps. It is used for general road and pavement profiling. It can be also used to fill holes around drainage wells, by railway or tram tracks as well as in expansion gaps. Cold bitumen is also used to:

  • supplement or build entrance ramps leading to garages or wheelchair ramps,
  • level manhole covers,
  • build small slopes on surfaces,
  • patch the openings necessary to build water or electrical networks.

Quality control of cold bitumens

We use the best materials from reputable manufacturers in our business, due to which we can guarantee the reliability of our bitumen-aggregate mixtures. Our specialists monitor product quality at every stage of production, so the company only obtains the best possible product. All this is done to ensure that the composition of the bitumen-aggregate mixture is as balanced as possible, guaranteeing excellent material workability and consistency. At the design stage of bitumen-aggregate mixtures as well as during their production, a factory laboratory equipped with appropriate equipment in accordance with European standards oversees the quality of our products. Thanks to this, our customers can be confident that the cold bitumens they will receive are the best products.

Specifications of DEGAMEX cold bitumens

Our products are sold in practical bags of 25 kg of cold bitumen. In addition, we advise our customers to keep them in a cool and shaded place for a maximum of 12 months, to make sure they will not lose their properties. They should also be kept away from heat sources to ensure that, when opened, they are sufficiently workable and that they compact well when laid on the surface.