Below you can find some informations about our products

Bitumen-aggregate mixtures

The bitumen-aggregate mixture we offer to our customers is mainly made from aggregates and a binder. The aggregate accounts for about 90% of the weight of the product, while the binder (or asphalt) accounts for from 3 to 10% of the volume. Adhesion additives and stabilizers are also required to guarantee the highest quality of the product. This mixture forms asphalt in bags, which we have been manufacturing and selling for over 20 years.

Types of products offered

Our company offers products such as:

  • asphalt concrete AC 11 S 50/70 for KR 3-4 (wearing),
  • asphalt concrete for the binder and levelling courses AC 16 W for KR 3-4,
  • asphalt concrete for wearing course AC 11 S 50/70 for KR 1-2,
  • asphalt concrete for the binder and levelling courses AC 11 W for KR 1-2,
  • asphalt concrete AC 8 S 50/70 for KR 3-4 (wearing).

How to use our products?

The use of our asphalts does not require heating or the use of special vehicles. The individual repair steps include:

  • removing stones and other contamination from the surface being repaired,
  • spilling asphalt from a 25 kg bag,
  • distributing and levelling asphalt,
  • compacting and curing asphalt, preferably using a special tool.

In the case of deeper holes, add and compact asphalt in several layers, which will give the surface a much better structure and make it even more robust. Bitumen, due to its specific structure, can be used irrespective of the season, as it dries quickly. That is why the repaired surface is ready for use right away.