Manufacturer of cold bitumen

Manufacturer of cold bitumen from Małopolskie Voivodeship (near Kraków)

DEGAMEX is a manufacturer of cold bitumen mainly used for repairing surfaces of roads, pavements, cycle paths and all places where asphalt surfaces are used. As a manufacturer of bitumens, we attach importance to quality; therefore, we have our own laboratory in which we control our products at every stage of their production. In addition, we care for our relationships with our customers, so when buying our products, you can also be sure to get a competitive price.


A few words about us

DEGAMEX is a company operating in the road industry since 2000. The place of collection of our products is located in Gnojnik in Małopolskie Voivodeship, just by the National Road 75, leading to the A4 motorway. We are a manufacturer of bitumens sold in bags, which makes them practical to use. We have many years of experience in the road sector, resulting in cooperation with many companies across Poland. Our employees are specialists who have developed their qualifications for many years in our plant. A robust machine park with modern equipment and machines and the latest technologies ensure the production of the highest quality products that meet all the required quality standards.

Why work with us?

We are well aware that there are many companies operating in the road sector. Not all of them have as much experience and perform their tasks as reliably as our bitumen manufacturing plant. Why else trust us?

  • As a recognized manufacturer of cold bitumen products, we continuously ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.
  • We are a conscientious company, and we deliver all orders timely and in accordance with customer expectations.
  • To ensure the best products, we only employ trained personnel with the appropriate qualifications required for the manufacture of bitumen.
  • Our company is located between Tarnów and Kraków, near the A4 motorway and the national road 94, so the recipients of our products have no problem reaching our manufacturing plant.
  • We enjoy an excellent opinion of industry experts, as demonstrated by numerous references.
  • We are a recommended company in the road industry, which is best proof of the quality of our products.
  • Not only do we guarantee the high quality of our products, but we also offer them at competitive prices.

If you are interested in working with us, we encourage you to take a closer look at the DEGAMEX offer and contact our consultants directly.

Our values:

high quality

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The highest quality of our services and products. We use the best materials from reputable manufacturers. Professional service and competitive prices.

product control

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We have our own factory laboratory for product control which oversees the quality of materials. Our specialists care for the production process at its every stage.

technical facilities

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We have our own factory laboratory for product control which oversees the quality of materials. Our specialists care for the production process at its every stage.

and timeliness

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We treat each job individually, ensuring that work is done quickly and efficiently. We carry out our jobs as soon as possible, respecting our Customers’ time.

Where to use our bitumens?

The products we offer have a wide range of applications. Cold bitumens we offer are commonly used to build roads, pavements, cycle paths, squares, parking lots and other facilities. Surfaces of this type – commonly called asphalt – have a high operating load strength, are easy to lay and, if properly made, ensure resistance to deformation due to temperature changes. However, as a manufacturer of bitumens, we know very well that even the most durable surfaces require maintenance and sometimes repairs. Damage and holes resulting from wear and weather must be filled with a specialist bitumen as soon as possible. The perfect solution to this problem is cold asphalt in bags that can be used at any time of the year without the need to warm up the product. This ensures that the repair of the surface is quick and does not cause an obstruction of cycling, car or pedestrian traffic.

We have years of experience in the road sector, qualified
staff and we use advanced technologies, machinery and equipment, which
guarantees the excellent quality of our services.